Here are some words from another criminal; Reichfuhrer Goering was a lot of terrible things but in this quote, he might have been telling the truth. I maybe wrong but he too said that some media (newspapers and radio stations of that time) were the enemy of The German People. I wonder how that worked out for him..?

I’ve never been a fan of our 24 hour a day Media but they created this monster and now they can’t put a stop to the Orange One and imagine a man so delusional that he believes the total mistruths he spouts and then tells us about how “fake news” is a bad thing. 

The problem is, the Psychopath-in-Chief knows that once it’s said, then in the mind of the common moron, it’s fact. If he’s called on it, he just says, “That fact was real at that time!” God have mercy on this country and yes I’m patriotic but I don’t believe anything he says. Resist Resist Resist… This too will pass

Hello from Santa Nella, California… 

We could of pushed through to Oakland but Tashi and I were hungry, tired and maybe we just wanted our mini-vacation to last a little longer. As we came up on the windmill sign of Anderson’s Pea Soup, I said, ” Let’s take a break and get some food there!” We both agreed we had left L.A too late. 

The Anderson Pea Soup Restaurant is a family own place with an old fashion Dutch windmill out in front. The hostess sat us down and the second she left us, I said, “Let’s stay at the Best Western across the way. We’re beat and if I can get you to mom’s by 7:30, I can be at work with my boots on by 8:00am.” She didn’t argue. I called the Diamond something something line and quickly the call center person had us ready to go.

It’s 2:55 as I’m typing this and Tashi is sound asleep in the other bed. I must say we both had a great time, lots of fun and we spent a needed three day father-daughter time together. Okay once in a while we’d get our feathers ruffled, we’re both Roosters under the Chinese astrological sign. We squawk and then calm down and move on. That’s our nature and I’m totally okay with it. We must get back on The 5 no later than 5:30am to make this plan work, see ya later alligator mississippiensis… This too will pass

What A Total Bust…

That’s as far as we got to MacArthurs Park in Downtown Los Angeles. First of all, we couldn’t find a single bakery in Downtown L.A that sold a green marzipan cake and secondly as we drove up to the park we noticed the place was overrun with the homeless, drug addicts and drunks. Tashi and I both said, “We’re not getting out unless we want to get mugged. 

They say sometimes it’s better if we don’t get to touch our dreams. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. We found the famous sign but it was being used to hold upba guy’s makeshift tent. The once green grass in pictures is now just bare soil. Tashi said, “Dad at least you tried.” This too will pass

Jimmy Webb’s MacArthur Park

Next stop on our journey is finding a bakery in LA that sells a green frosted cake and then on to MacArthur Park. Yes, we’re going to by one of those slices of green almond princess cake (rather than the whole cake) and then I’ll place it on the welcome sign at the entrance MacArthur’s Park. I wish it was raining so I could leave my cake out in the rain but it will be sunny today…

Tashi gets a kick out of hearing what Roberta says about my humor or lack of, “You’re not funny. No one finds you funny! I don’t find you funny!” I’m sure our little adventure has been done thousands of times since 1968 when the song came out. I don’t care and if I could happen to find a striped pair of pants, I would wear them…

I hope we can find a couple of old men playing Chinese Checkers under the trees… This too will pass

The Happiest Place in The, Oh Shut Up…

As I’ve said before, I’ve never seen one Star Wars movie. We waited a half hour to have our picture taken with him. He made some sort of sound like he had nasal issues while clearing his throat. The children ahead of us laughed and giggled when he made the same sound for them. All I could think was, “How many times a day did that guy inside the costume have to make that sound?”That’s right, three marshmallows with four dots of chocolate and a smiling face costs 4.99…  The chocolate cherry covered apple, well you don’t even want to know how much that one will set you back… Okay, food costs at Mouseland and why not? You’re at The Happiest Place in The World, until you leave and thirty days later your Visa statement shows up, “Forty dollars for two cheeseburgers, a fries and two Cokes?”I guess for this woman at the handrail, Disneyland is just like home. This piece of human waste beat her tired toddler senseless because he was whining and this happened while the father chewed his lunch. The only reason she stopped was because she drew attention to her beating… Did I mention Disney is The Happiest Place in The World?Then there was this human piece of garbage. As we waited in a 40 minute line, we got to see the interaction between this hulk and the little girl with him. First let me say this, I hate short eyes as they call them in prison. 

So this guy starts playing the tickle game with his red head little girl. A little tickling would ok but he keeps on going, long past what is acceptable and you know when it’s gone beyond. Then he starts that subtle dominance game of twisting fingers and other weird things, his hands were all over her. Finally he leaves her alone and he puts is hands in his pockets but keeps moving his fingers…  The little girl grabs for his fingers, as she has done before or was taught. She grabs something else and giggles, “That’s not your finger grandpa!” He smiled and she didn’t say it as if it was her first time either. 

Finally, when Disney first opened California Adventure, the poor cousin to Mouseland, it was a failing park. No one wanted to see how rice was produced in Central California so they added a bunch of fun rides. Still the park’s attendance numbers were miserablely low. What did they do to increase people wanting to go there? They allow people to walk around with jug sized plastic glasses of beer and wine. What a perfect place for a self denying alcoholic to be! So while you’re waiting your turn to ride Cars, you can throw back a couple of 32 oz beers.The line will take 50 minutes and meanwhile mom has had a few goblets of Zin… We did pass a guy walking with a stroller with vomit on his shirt and his sauced wife. I forgot to mention how Disneyland is The Happiest Place in The World. This too will pass

I’ll Admit It, I’ve Never Seen A Star Wars Movie…

Taking a break from the crowds and taking a load off our feet, we ended up at The Star Wars museum where Star Trekkies abounded. Wow a real Luke Skywalker Red helmet as opposed to his less popular white helmet, wow a Poe Dameron Helmet..! Did Carrie Fisher wear one? Princess Leah recently died, not in a massive explosion of two epic size stars colliding but from a bad heart. 

I think we saw Ob-Juan-Konobe, I guess he was Hispanic. I liked Him in Bridge on The River Kwai, now that was a movie. The movie’s about to start.. This too will pass

My Temporary Goal or Juan’s Wild Ride!

People have retirement goals and why can’t I? On March 7th I turn sixty big ones, my newest goal is to become a comical guide on The Jungle Cruise. No, I’ll be great until I got fired for going off script and telling an off color joke. “Well folks, there to the left is a mad of crows. Hello Mrs. Pearson!” (Roberta’s long gone mom with that vile beak of hers. Always cawing her hate for me.)

I live my personal Disneyland, sudden drops and being blown around on a windy day in my bucket. Spiders and creepy crawly things accent my day. We took Indiana Jones Adventure and people screamed in terror, I thought, “This is a ride up to The Firewood Temple on a rainy and windy night. The dark and dank hole with roaches scurrying around reminded me of manhole 4367 on Telegraph and 40th Street in Oakland. This too will pass

Overwhelmed and Drained…

Without fail, at approximately 3 or 4pm, hundreds of tired toddlers start to get cranky and in turn parents begin to do anything they can to calm their little ones down. Promises of, “We’re going to see Mickey now! Won’t that be fun?!” and “Do you want a Minnie Mouse chocolate pop or one of those Goofy lemon candy things?”can be heard throughout the park. Just what an upset child needs, more sugar. The truth is, the child was done two hours ago and the rest of the day’s adventures will be trying to keep little Travis or Micah from melting down any further.

Tashi and I were standing in line for one of the car rides when just in front of us there was a couple with a screaming 3 year old boy. The child had been up since the crack of dawn and he was totally and completely exhausted. His eyes were swollen shut by crying and his face covered with sticky lollipop residue. The mom was desperately trying to comfort him while dad looked ahead in the line almost unaware of his son’s complete melt down.

Tashi has a wicked sense of humor. She quietly whispered, “What’s more fulfilling than a baby’s cry?” I replied, “What?” Softly she answered, “Peace, quiet and money.” We both nodded in agreement. I told her, “You get it! I want you to have fun in your life. Cleaning stinky diapers isn’t fun and trying to control an out of control child isn’t either, it’s work.” She agreed. 

At the end of the day, as we walked to the hotel shuttle stop. I told her, “I’m happy Hunter was born. Matt can’t be a father and I doubt Josh will either. I want you to not be bound down with figuring out if you have enough bottles of formula ready. Keep trying to get a flight attendant job if that’s what you want. I just want you happy.” My feet were sore upon arrival back at the hotel but I said, “Let’s hit it early tomorrow. Mouseland awaits.” This too will pass

California Adventure…

I’ve never been into Disney anything. I hadn’t been T o Disneyland for a couple of years so when Tashi and I walked up to the water bottle cart and said, “We’ll take two please.” The attendant said, “That’ll be 20 dollars.” What is that a 1000 percent mark up? I like candy apples but 12 dollars is a bit overpriced. 

Dinner consisted of a bread bowl with clam chowder and a sandwich, thirty dollars later we gobbled down our minimal meal… We drank the previously purchased water… The Disney Corporation keeps thousands employed and it needs to make money but 10 dollars for water?! I find it interesting that for safety reasons they don’t allow outside bottles of water on the property. I wonder why? This too will pass