Massage Parlour From Hell…

Usually a trouble ticket at a massage parlour is a treat, not today. The complaint was, “Line tests okay but customer hears noise.” After walking around for 20 minutes in the Asian Mall, I found an elevator which took me to the mezzanine level. I walked pass the marijuana dispensary guard screening the antsy clients and then past the vap shop.  

There it was, my customer! I walked in and an older man came up to me and said, “You want good girl or boy for your massage?” I replied, “Thanks but no thanks, I’m with The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company and I’m here to fix your phone.” He showed me this tired old phone, now remember the test said the line was ok. I unplugged his phone and showed him that it was his phone having problems… He then said, “I bought this phone three years ago. You fix my phone please!”

I said to myself, “You better make sure the line is good. Go to where it comes in the building and verify it’s working there.” After another twenty minutes of searching, I found the mall guard. Without fail, he was new to the job and hadn’t a clue where the main phone room was. He called around and finally got ahold of the property manager. Mr. Lee wasn’t a very nice man, he started to yell at the guard in Mandarin and then he said, “I very busy. No time for this.” He led us to the terminal and left cursing us both.

The young guard watched me work and then followed me back to the massage place where by that time, the owner had bought a new phone and he said, “I fixed it!” Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t on our wire plan and my hour of wandering around was billable. I told him such and he wasn’t happy either. He said, “You go now. I fixed my own phone thank you.” This too will pass

My Coughing Cat…

With the warm summer nights a  memory, Toonce and I have been cuddling to stay warm. Softly I whisper to him, “You’re the best cat I’ve ever had and I love you.” For that he purrs until he falls into a deep cat sleep. The other night, he must have been dreaming of chasing string or a mouse because he was bouncing around in his sleep. I nudged him and said, “Earth to Toonce. The dream ship has landed.” He opened one eye and meowed as if to say, “Thanks. I was dreaming purple dogs were after me and you wouldn’t help. I know it doesn’t make sense.”

Just a few minutes ago he began to cough. It wasn’t a hairball coming up cough but a congestion cough. I’m going to monitor it and should it get worse, he’ll go to his pet resort-hospital to be checked up. As I’m typing this post, he’s sound asleep on my right arm. Every once in a while he’ll stretch out or breath in a deep as if he’s content.

My job this winter will be to keep him safe and warm. I’ll leave the side door open so he can get in and onto a warm bed though many a time have I found him on his sentry post in the rain waiting for me to show up at 10pm. Thankfully, management has done away with the 1 to 9 crew as of October 30th and I’ll be heading back to The Firewood Temple by 8:30 each night. No matter what time I get here, I know Toonce will be waiting for me… This too will pass

Love Makes The World Go Around…

My first job was relatively easy,  the customer’s drop wire had the chew marks of a squirrel’s teeth on it. I quickly boomed up and replaced the chewed wire. I was done within 45 minutes and being that I had some time to kill, I made my way to the nearest Peets. I found a comfortable chair and I here I am crashed out for a while.

A couple of students from the school for the visually impaired  came in. The whole time they were standing in line, they laughed and giggled. When they got their drinks they sat down next to me. It was so cute how they fed each other their pastries. I swear, I  had a tear of joy in my eye seeing these two soul so happy and in love.

I find it amazing how The Cosmic Consciousness works and how it brings two people together. These two people deserve something good in their lives such as love after overcoming such adversity. This too will pass

God is That You?

Five years ago I met my friend Mr. Burke at the local pizza parlor in the town of Penngrove. He was a heavy set man with perfectly coiffed gray hair wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie. At that time he was working for a ritzy limo service taking his guests on wine tours. His specialty was taking people not to the run of the mill wineries around here but to high end locations where you ring the gate bell and five minutes later someone answers, “Is this the party of five from Tokyo we’ve been expecting?”

Mr. Burke was the same gentleman who slipped on my property and dislocated his shoulder that fateful afternoon. I drove him to the emergency room where they drugged him up and proceeded to put his shoulder back in place. I reported the incident to my insurance company and they could say was, “We’ll cut him a token check for 1000 dollars.” Thousands upon thousands of dollars, out of his own pocket, did he finally get better. He lost his job and never was able to work again. 

For years after the incident, I thought he’d sue me but he didn’t.  Over the years, he and I would share a phone call every so often. He’d call and say, “Did I tell you about the priest and the rabid dog?” He has the ability to tell the funniest jokes and he never messes up the punchline. 

Yesterday, as I was at the post office picking up my mail, a man with a big while beard and long white hair kept looking at me funny. He kept silent and followed me around with his eyes. I finally said, “Do you know me?” He replied, “You don’t say hello to your friends?” The second I heard his voice I said, “God.. I mean God it’s you. Have you come to take me?” We both laughed! He then said, “No my son. I’ll send for you this coming Wednesday.” We both laughed. It was actually good to see his face. This too will pass

Toonce Blends In…

Toonce enjoys blending into the landscape. He meowed as I left for work, “Come back. We’ll resume where we left off with my chin being scratched.” I replied, “Watch the place buddy. Enjoy the sun. It’s going to rain two inches next werk!” He continued to sun himself and if I was a cat I’d do the same. This too will pass

How About A Contract?

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is buying Time Warner for a chunk of pocket change. No wonder we on the west coast are working without a union contract. You would have thought after buying IndirectTV, they would let their credit card cool down a bit. Handel Stevenson has big plans for the company I work for…

“How about a raise buddy?” Forty something an hour is break even when working around these here parts. (I’m talking Texan) I just checked my health open enrollment app and it says I’ll be paying more for my medical coverage. Our dental plan is a joke, it covers toothpaste, a brush and floss. Now management wants to limit our double time and take away our paid meal periods! I’m sitting at this Peet’s Coffee waiting for the clock to run out on double time (Shhh! I’m taking my lunch.) 

Eighty-five billion dollars can buy a lot of ice cream. We used to have Ice Cream Friday’s, no we didn’t those but we did have a sense of worth working here. This was once was a great job before the bean counters showed up and made us feel less than. I swear, every few months they install a new GPS system in our trucks. They do that with the hope to get one more job out of us in a day… This too will pass

You Just Never Know…

Yesterday was interesting to say the least, my company truck started to show its age and it acted up. As I was depressing the parking brake on this steep hill, I heard a loud metallic snapping sound. The prem tech standing next to me yelled out, “You’re rolling! You’re rolling! Brake!” With both feet on the brake, I barely kept the truck from rolling further down the hill. The prem tech went to all six wheels and put chock blocks under each to stop the truck from rolling. I remarked, “That was close!” He agreed.

As I waited for the tow truck to come and get me, I counted my blessings that he had been near me when the brakes failed. It never takes more than 45 minutes for the tow company to show up; The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company gives them a lot of business. The driver was the usual guy who wears grimy gray overalls and an oversized cross around his neck. He hooked up the truck to his big rig tow truck and off we headed back to the garage…

I asked him about the upcoming election and what he thought of the whole mess. He said, “God is my leader. I’ll let him govern me.” I sat there looking at his numerous crosses, statues and picture of Jesus. That’s when we stopped at a light and there it was, a billboard against Proposition 60, the people who don’t want the porn industry to be required to make their actors to use condoms. Quietly he said, “I like my porn raw!” That statement alone from him freaked me out. I kept my mouth shut the rest of the trip back to the garage… This too will pass

Fall Into Sonoma…

Without a doubt it’s Fall here. The temps are in the chilly fifties at night and the morning air seems crisp yet clean. It’s so different where I spend most of my working day in Oakland. Yesterday, As I was waiting for the light to change near one of the many homeless encampments throughout West Oakland, I thought to myself,  “Please don’t let me end up like that.” I’m terrible with money so this might be my fate but I put my faith in The Cosmic Consciousness. Right then, a man with no shirt came up to my truck window and asked me if I had any rope I could give him. I told him, “I’m sorry no.” I did but I was t going to stop in the intersection and do it…

Let’s go back up to the beauty of Sonoma. The vineyards are full of autumn colors and the bus loads of wine lovers on their ideal vacations have slowed down. This for me would be the time to show up here rather than when it’s incredibly hot during the summer months but that’s just me. October is the best time to live in wine country! This too will pass

The Grinch Who Stole 2016…

If you missed the final presidential debate, it was more of the same from The Donald. While it was obvious Secretary Clinton had worked on her economic and foriegn affairs positions, The Donald had worked on finding another way of taking this election to a new low. When asked by Chris Wallace whether he would accept the outcome of the election, he refused to say he would… Mr. Trump aka “Mr. I’m Being Treated So Unfair” has without question made a mockery of this country’s election system.

Earlier in the debate, Mr. Trump had to throw red meat to his base of rabid old white men supporters by saying,”Two days, one day before the birth of a baby, they can rip the fetus out of the mother’s womb.” Seriously? No one does that and without fail, he had to add his of trademarked phrases into his responses: it’s a disaster, she’s crooked and they’re lies. 

Speaking of lies, when “Octopus Trump” was questioned about the women who have accused him of pawing and groping them, he did what any abuser would do, deny it. “Lies I tell you. They are either working for her or want their 10 minutes of fame.” You see it’s the victims who are at fault in his case. Forget what he told Billy Bush on the Access Hollywood bus. 

Yes, “The Spoiled One” has taken his campaign to a level one step below rancid vegetables in a refrigerator. You might have eaten them when that turnip first showed up but now you need a latex gloves to toss it in the garbage. Speaking of eating turnips, Trump looked like Jim Carrey in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas eating his dinner of turnips. If you turned down the sound, I swear I could hear that famous voice singing, “You’re a bad one Mr. Trump… He stinks stank stunk.” This too will pass

I’m Tired…

I walked into work today just to hear John quizzing me, “Why Juan Why?!” The other day when it was pouring cats and dogs, I spent the entire day down in that manhole trying to keep the water out of the hole while trying to dry a water logged splice case. For most of the day I felt as if I was in the final scene of Das Boat. I kept yelling up to the guy above me, “Turn the pump back on, it’s flooding!”

As I was closing up the case, I didn’t notice a tiny piece of sealing cord had come loose. I put the 20 bolts in the case and yet as soon as the manhole filled up again with water, it leaked. The water in turn knocked out the hi-cap cell tower repeaters which gets people cranky. I tried to explain to him the conditions I was working under but he didn’t want to hear it.

By the end of Sunday, I was water soaked and filthy with mud and rust… I nearly lost it on him today but I just took his verbal beat down. I made 85 dollars an hour that day for a total of 10 hours so it all wasn’t a waste… This too will pass